Foribus - School Attendance Monitoring System

Attendance monitoring by using RFID cards

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The Challenge

Our client was a school focused on overseas students. They required a monitoring system to keep track of students classroom attendance.

Key requirements:

  • Easy-to-use UI
  • High availability and tolerance to network issues
  • Data privacy was of extremely high importance

The Solution

A distributed system that consists of:

On teacher's machines:

  • A 'reader' service that receives data from an RFID reader and saves it into a local database
  • A 'sender' service that reads data from the local DB and sends it to the main server

On the main server:

  • A 'dryer' service that processes the raw data from the teachers' machines
  • An ASP.NET web application to provide a UI for tutors and admins

All services were written with C#, the local database used SQLite, the main database is Postgres installed on an internal server.

Why was that the Right Tech Stack?

As all the machines in the school used Windows, C# is the obvious choice.

SQLite is a simple and lightweight database perfect for storing intermediate data.

PostgreSQL is one of the best relational databases, and the best among free ones.

The Result


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