Lastdrop - Water Delivery Mobile App

Water ordering app for people with no access to main water supply.

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The Challenge

There are many areas of New Zealand where people do not have access to mains water supply. Instead, they use large water tanks that collect rain from the house roof. If the water level in the tank is low and no heavy rain is forecast, people need to order water refills from large tankers.

Each region can have multiple different suppliers, so customers have to call each of them to find out when they can deliver water and for what cost.

The Solution

Users required a simple mobile application they could access anywhere, any time to arrange water deliveries. Moreover they needed the ability to receive quotes from multiple suppliers in 1 place. The app needed to be as simple and convenient as ordering an uber.

For the app itself we used the Xamarin framework with Firebase as a backend. Additionally, we implemented an admin app by using .Net.

Why was that the Right Tech Stack?

Xamarin is a mature cross-platform framework. It allowed us to build apps for both iOS and Android with a single code base.
Firebase is a go-to service for mobile development. It offers all the required bits out-of-the-box.
As the admin app is an internal tool and going to be used only by a limited number of admins and moderators, we implemented it as a desktop app, which significantly reduced the development cost.

The Result


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