Wonky Box - Customized Subscription Billing System Fuels Business Growth

Wonky Box's custom subscription billing system and platform migration fueled a tenfold customer base growth while reducing waste and improving efficiency.


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The Challenge


Wonky Box is an innovative New Zealand company that tackles the pressing issue of food waste by offering fresh fruit and vegetable subscription boxes filled with odd-looking and surplus produce from local growers.

They deliver to households all around New Zealand, providing both an eco-friendly solution and convenient access to fresh produce.


As Wonky Box's business expanded, they encountered limitations with the built-in Shopify subscription apps.

These apps could no longer accommodate their growing needs for a more tailored subscription management solution that could offer enhanced functionality and valuable business insights. Additionally, as the customer base grew and expanded to new regions, Shopify could no longer be used as a core part of the billing system.

The Solution


A custom subscription billing system was developed to cater to Wonky Box's unique business requirements. The new system provided flexible billing windows accommodating unique delivery cut-off times, single-day charge processing, rapid customer service response, reduced fees from subscription apps, a user-friendly customer portal, and efficient forecasting.

To address the challenges of further growth, a brand new platform was created within 6 months, integrated with new payment providers, a marketing service, and a freight provider. A migration procedure was implemented, allowing transparent migration for most customers and a simple one-click migration for the rest. The new platform worked in parallel with the Shopify-based one until all customers were migrated.

Why was that the Right Tech Stack?



Wonky Box's success story demonstrates the importance of having a custom-built subscription billing system and platform that can adapt to a company's unique needs and scale alongside its growth.

By partnering with a technology provider to create a tailored solution, Wonky Box was able to overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf apps, improve efficiency, and ultimately achieve a significant increase in their customer base. This case study highlights the transformative power of custom technology solutions in enabling businesses to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.

The Result


The tailored solution enabled Wonky Box to enhance the customer experience and gain valuable insights to drive their business forward while making a positive impact on the environment.

The fine-tailored application allowed Wonky Box to grow without being slowed down by technical restrictions, resulting in a tenfold increase in their customer base.


Right Tech have been an absolute dream to work with. Both Charles and Damien have been exceptional to work alongside.

They are professional, communicative and will crack on and get the job done! We have worked on a project with the team over the last few months which is now up and running and we couldn’t be happier. The tech has been a game changer for our business. We spoke to many developers in our research phase, none of which gave off the impression we got from the RightTech bunch.

We will continue to work together moving forward and would advise anyone who is stuck with any tech-related issue to get in touch, they will solve all your problems.

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