Property Explorer - Market Research Tool

A property market research solution made for a property investment company

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The Challenge

A property investment company needed internal software to perform market analysis.
The project brief was to focus on function and keeping costs down as opposed to a heavily customized front end or UI/UX design.

The Brief:

  • Lists of agencies and agents in the area
  • Tracking all communications with the agents
  • List of properties, with features like renovation estimation cost, list of comparable properties in the area and so on.
  • Keep development and ongoing hosting costs to a minimum

The Solution

PHP Generator from SQLMaestro

Postgres database

Hosted on Heroku.

Why was that the Right Tech Stack?

  • By using a code generator tool, the entire 'development' phase took just a few days for a single developer.
  • Hosting was configured in under 30 minutes via Heroku.
  • Using Postgres as a DB allowed us to simplify and speed up the development process even more.
  • As the app is not public-facing, it uses a free Heroku instance, so the ongoing hosting cost is exactly $0.

The Result


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