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Secure mobile app for JDM elevates e-commerce, prevents unauthorized sharing & expands global reach.

The Mobile App

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The Challenge

JDM, a New Zealand-based company, known for translating Japanese car manuals, needed a secure way to sell their PDFs electronically worldwide while preventing unauthorized sharing.

The Solution

We proposed a unique solution: a mobile app that provided a secure platform for selling the electronic version of their manuals. Each manual delivered to the buyer's device was first encrypted and then decrypted on-the-fly during viewing within the app's secure environment, ensuring the highest level of content security.

Why was that the Right Tech Stack?

With the aim of saving both time and money, we utilized Flutterflow for the mobile app's initial development. This platform expedited the process and significantly cut down the project’s cost. However, to ensure the app was tailor-made to JDM's requirements, we added our proprietary encryption-decryption feature using regular Flutter. This blend of efficiency and customization made Flutterflow and Flutter the ideal tech stack for this project.

The Result

With the mobile app’s secure framework, JDM was able to reach a global audience without the risk of unauthorized manual sharing. Right from expanding their brand's digital presence to protecting their intellectual property, our solution proved pivotal in transforming JDM's business strategy and operational model.


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