Software development tiers

Damien Knox
November 12, 2022

Let's imagine that you want to build an airline.

There are several different types of planes that you can use for that.

Dall-e prompt: 'single engine plane cessna high quality illustration'

This is a single-engine plane. It is not expensive to buy and maintain. It can carry just a few passengers or a small cargo.

In software development terms, this is a prototype.

Quickly and cheaply built, not ready for any real workload.

You can use it to test the idea, maybe find some really passionate early adopters, and talk to angel investors.

This is a twin turboprop plane. It can haul a few dozens of passengers or a pretty decent size cargo. It is significantly more expensive than a small single-engine plane.

Dall-e prompt: 'large turboprop mid-range plane high quality illustration'

In software development terms, this is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Just the most necessary features are implemented, so the cost is not very high.

With an MVP you can go into the market, start growing your audience, and confidently talk to the investors.

into Dall-e prompt: 'large airjet plane high quality illustration'

And this is a large jet plane. It can carry several hundreds of passengers or a huge volume of cargo.

The costs are also huge!

In software development terms, this is a production-ready product.

It is important to remember, that as you cannot upgrade a single-engine small plane to a turbojet, you cannot build a production-ready product of a prototype or an MVP. 

Here, at Right Tech, we combine many years of experience with cutting-edge technologies, so we can build an MVP for a price of a prototype!